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Partnership for Resilient Smart Development

Rapid urbanization in Asia has created an unprecedented challenge for the development community. From 2000 to 2010, nearly 200 million people moved into East Asian cities, according to the World Bank. Through this panel discussion, we hope to determine ways in which urbanization can become a driver of development and stability, through targeted investments from […]

Rethinking “Bankability” for Africa’s Infrastructure

Africa’s economic growth during the last decade has remained relatively robust despite some countries facing strong headwinds – from the Ebola epidemic to the weakening of global commodity prices and capital flows.This trend is likely to continue in 2016, according to the economic forecast, particularly for sub-Saharan Africa. However, growth is expected at a level [...]

Smart City Sensor Networks Make Sense

Bechtel was recently certified by the British Standards Institution to deliver construction projects at Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2. We stand to get great benefit from delivering projects to BIM Level 2 but also have one eye on Level 3, which will bring the industry closer to achieving smart cities in the UK.The UK’s […]

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

According to the World Bank’s Global Infrastructure Facility, the unmet demand for infrastructure around the world is estimated to be above $1 trillion per year. Meeting the financing need for bankable and sustainable projects must be a priority, for both governments and the private sector, in the coming decades. In addition to financing needs, donors […]

Delivering Sustainable Water Solutions

Access to water is a global issue that, according to the World Resources Institute, affects more than a billion people. By 2025, it is estimated that 3.5 billion people may live with extreme water scarcity. Bechtel colleagues and partners today work with vulnerable communities around the world to build resilient infrastructure and improve access to […]

What is Resilient Infrastructure for Southeast Asia?

Growing urbanization and populations, increasing extreme weather events, and decreasing natural resources require a new way of thinking about the most basic elements of infrastructure to be more resilient and sustainable. What does this mean for one of the most diverse and growing regions of the world? Bechtel’s Ian Laski and Devex’s Raj Kumar, sit down and […]

Infrastructure for Economic Development

With some of the highest population rates expected by 2030, coupled with the vulnerabilities to extreme weather events, Southeast Asia may need $7 trillion in infrastructure investment to grow and develop sustainly. Bechtel’s Ian Laski joins Raj Kumar, president and editor-in-chief of Devex, to discuss the dynamic and growing challenges in Southeast Asia, one of the […]